Drivers: Kurtus H & Paul S

Kurtus H came to Neier as an OTR Company Driver. He settled in as one of the team very quickly and was excited to accept new challenges and responsibility. Shortly after starting with Neier he received additional training to operate Vac equipment, allowing him to run specialty loads for Neier. Around a year into his career with Neier, he informed us that he had dreams of starting Neier’s first team operation. Kurtus presented his idea to Dispatch and Human Resources, and ensured them that he had the perfect recruit for this team operation, Paul S.

While talking to Paul, it became apparent that this was an opportunity that Neier could not pass up. Paul was excited about the opportunity of growing not only his career personally, but growing Neier as well. Kurtus and Paul represent core company values. They operate with integrity each and every day, have an excellent record of customer satisfaction, and a commitment to safety. Kurtus and Paul successfully turn over 6,000 miles weekly, allowing Neier to service more customer loads. Their commitment to success and optimistic attitudes makes working with Kurtus and Paul a pleasure.


What is it that you feel sets Neier apart from other companies?

  • Kurtus: In the simplest of terms, it is definitely a true family environment. An open-door policy that is not only talked about, but actually practiced. I have personally shaken hands with the owner of the company and talked with him like he was just another driver.
  • Paul: It is nice to be heard. The owner of the company actually listens to your ideas.

How would you describe the Neier atmosphere?

  • Kurtus: Supportive and encouraging with a core commitment to the driver-focused community.
  • Paul: Commitment to success and continuity.

What would you like new hires to know about Neier?

  • Kurtus: I would want a new driver to know, that here at Neier you can expect that with hard work and honesty, you will be supported personally and professionally. You will expand your driver skills and knowledge.
  • Paul: You will be with a company that will allow you to grow and prosper in the future.

How has being part of the Neier family positively impacted your life?

  • Kurtus: Since starting at Neier, I have been recognized for my professional capabilities and have been allowed to grow both professionally and personally. I am not just another one of the drivers. I am ME.
  • Paul: Neier provided me with the opportunity to use my endorsements on my license that I never thought I would be able to utilize.

Additional Comments:

  • Kurtus: The best part of Neier is that it is established enough that I don’t have to worry about job stability, yet small enough that I can get to know everyone.
  • Paul: Safety and customer satisfaction are our primary focus.

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