Neier Trucker Network Newsletter August 2016

This is Issue 2 of the Neier company newsletter known as the “Trucker Network”. Our intent with this newsletter is to keep all employees informed and up to date within the company. In this issue you will see articles from different departments within the company as well as a few articles that feature several employees. We hope that this newsletter maintains a good means of communication. We have posted this issue to for viewers convenience. However, if you would like a paper copy please ask Stephanie or Jordan. If you have any ideas or input for future articles please let Stephanie or Jordan know.

Neier News - Stephanie Wilson

Some of you may have seen new faces walking around Neier here recently. We have added a new Administrative Assistant, Judy. Judy comes to us with an extensive background in Administrative work as well as some management and advertising experience. Judy’s upbeat personality makes her a great fit here at Neier. Whenever you are in the office, please introduce yourself and make her feel welcomed. In addition to Judy, we have brought on several more drivers. Glenn Smith joined Neier on July 11th and is working as our Houston driver. Michael Laux came onboard the following Wednesday and is working as an owner-operator. Michael was a driver referral from another Neier owner/operator, Stephen Quick. The following Monday, July 18th, we welcomed Theo Goldsmith from Shreveport. Theo and Bruce Hebert have been long-time friends and Theo came highly recommended. We finished out July with the addition of Matt Campbell, who was also a driver referral. The Industrial Cleaning crew added a new face as well, Danny Shillings. We are still actively hiring drivers for Indianapolis and Atlanta regions as well as a local night driver. Please utilize your referral cards and let me know if you have any potential leads. We appreciate everything you do to help make Neier a successful company. We value your opinions and referrals continue to produce the best applicants.

Brake Check! - Mike Swafford

Here at Neier we take our CSA scores very seriously and take pride in keeping them below the threshold. Neier truly believes that the best mode of operation is to be pro-active rather than reactive. That being said, Mike and the shop have put some new procedures in place. Mike will be taking all new hires down in the pit and getting very hands on with training and Brake Certifications. Current drivers will also be brought through the shop for a Brake Certification refresher. If something on a piece of equipment doesn’t look right, don’t pull it! Proper inspections will always save you time and money in the long run. There is nothing that is worth risking safety or reputation. Our maintenance scores speak for themselves; our mechanics and drivers take pride in what they do. We appreciate your continued dedication to maintaining quality equipment.

Company Cookout on August 8th

Join us on August 8th at the Neier terminal located at 4711 W Morris for a company cookout! All employees are invited and customers are encouraged to come as well. Office personnel will be available to mingle. Food will be available throughout the day with breakfast in the morning, lunch ready at 11:00, and snacks throughout the afternoon. We hope to see you there! Please check back in future newsletters for the next cookout date and time.

Passport Possibilities

Do you currently hold your passport? Neier is constantly quoting new work in Canada and we currently have several loads that will take drivers into Sarnia. Neier will cover all costs associated with receiving the passport qualification and provide all border crossing training. Neier has set up an account with a Border Crossing Service that minimizes driver delays. If you are Interested, please contact Kasey Riggen about setting up an appointment.

Sarnia, Ontario

Now Hiring

If a new driver hire puts YOUR NAME as a referral on their application you will receive a $500 BONUS after 30 days of satisfactory employment. See Stephanie for referral cards to hand out to prospective employees.

Local Night Driver

Neier is currently seeking a professional driver to fill our local night position. This position is local work within Indianapolis and hours include Sunday through Friday, usually working 12 hour shifts through the night.

Class A Driver

Full & part time driving positions are available: Must be at least 23 years old. Must have a minimum of 2 years of verifiable experience. Tanker & hazmat endorsements are required.

Annual Fall Company Party on September 10th

Richard and Lisa are still busy planning for this year’s annual fall company party that is coming up on September 10th. This is the 4th annual company party that will be hosted at the Quarry Lake Campground in Fillmore, IN. The campground has proven to be a perfect venue for Neier’s company parties where all employees are encouraged to bring their families and be prepared to enjoy a weekend full of camping, fishing, live music, games, food, prices, dancing and more! If you have any suggestions for entertainment this year please contact Stephanie.

Meet the Drivers

Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy has been with Neier for about 9 years now and came to us with experience in hauling septic waste and lumber packages. He is from Brownsburg, IN and enjoys restoring tractors in his spare time. When asked what his favorite pet is he answered that he would have to choose cows. While out on the road, he enjoys listening to Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and the comedians, Hudson and Landry. His favorite vacation spot is the Rocky Mountains and he is most passionate towards raising his son, Preston. Jimmy learned about a job opening at Neier from a friend of Richard Neier’s. With that being said, he has always enjoyed the easy going, family atmosphere here at Neier, Inc.

Zach Warther

Zach has been with the company for about 3 months and is from Avon, IN. He has previous experience with hauling for an environmental transportation company. Zach enjoys listening to Country and Classic Rock. In his spare time he enjoys four wheeling and off-roading. He says that his favorite pets are dogs and that he enjoys vacationing in Florida. Zach heard about Neier from his father who attends the same church as Richard Neier. So far he has enjoyed working at Neier and commended Neier for their pay-scale and looks forward to the income that he will continue bring home.

Meet Caleb Neier of the Support Staff

Caleb has recently assumed a new position at Neier as the Customer Service and Sales representative. As most of you know Caleb is Richard and Lisa Neier’s son. He has officially been with the company as an employee for 2.5 years where he started out in the dispatch office. However, Caleb has grown up with the company and was even there as the company was purchased. He says “I was an acquisition consultant when mom and dad were seeking to purchase this company. During negotiations if I didn’t like what I’d hear while in my mother’s womb I’d give her a swift kick to the ribs.” Caleb grew up in Coatesville, IN and once he graduated high school he attended Purdue University. But as he put it, he was born with the transportation industry in his blood. “My passion for this company started at a young age. I would say it might have decreased in my early teenage years during one of our trips to clean a factory in Glasgow, KY. However, through high school and college when I came back and worked sporadically I came to really enjoy diving in tankers and cleaning up sludge. Once I graduated from college and was thrown out into the real world in a different industry, I started to miss the wonderful world of the waste business. So that is when my wife and I decided to move back to Indiana so that I could return to working for the business.” he tells us. His favorite part of his job here at Neier is interacting with people and he enjoys the relationships and friendships that he has made with the people at Neier and with the company’s customers. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys raising swine and his favorite pet is his English Bulldog. His first choice for a birthday dinner would be Fogo De Chao and his dream vacation destination would be Bora Bora. When asked what one item he would wish to have if he were to be stranded on an island he answered that he would choose Chap Stick. His biggest role model in life would be his father, Richard Neier. He says that Richard is not only his role model but his best friend. He has followed his father’s example in many areas of life and continues to seek his advice. His favorite celebrity is Ricky Bobby and when asked what his favorite song, genre, or artist is he replied, “My answer to all three is... Adele.”

August Birthdays

Thomas Glover - 8/3

Joe L. Grosedose - 8/4

Ben Roberts - 8/7

Caleb Neier - 8/10

Brian Smith - 8/16

Les Brown - 8/22

Robert Brooks - 8/23

Danny Shillings - 8/24

Roger Crowell - 8/26

Kurt Davidson - 8/26

Mark Maurana - 8/28

We hope everyone enjoyed this issue of the Neier Trucker Network! Our goal is to keep every employee informed and up-to-date on Neier company news. If anyone has a suggestion or submission for an article please bring it to Stephanie Wilson.

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