Neier Trucker Network Newsletter July 2016

This is the first monthly issue of the Neier company newsletter that will be known as the “Trucker Network”. Our intent with this newsletter is to keep all employees informed and up to date within the company. In this issue you will see articles from different departments within the company as well as a few articles that feature several employees. We hope that this newsletter maintains a good means of communication. We have posted this issue to Infinit-I for viewers convenience. However, if you would like a paper copy please ask Stephanie or Jordan. If you have any ideas or input for future articles please let Stephanie or Jordan know.

Main Information & Happenings

It is likely no surprise to all of you, that business is booming. We are still actively trying to recruit Professional drivers in our industry. Word of mouth continues to be our best form of advertisement. To allow for future growth, we have leased a facility about 1 1/2 miles from our current location. The address of the new facility is 3150 West Morris Street. This facility has shop space, office space, and trailer parking. There are several intended purposes for acquiring this facility as well as room for future expansion. The body shop will be set in up a portion of the available shop space, which will take pressure off of our current shop at 4711. The Industrial Cleaning department will move their headquarters to 3150 while keeping the Roll Off Transfer facility at 4711. Continued growth and a sought after name in the industry does not happen by accident. We appreciate the excellent customer service you all provide and truly feel we have an elite team!

From the Desk of John Hays, Vice President

As you will read in other parts of this newsletter, our workload exceeds our capacity to service it all. Every year we see our workload go through seasonal changes with it usually being the slowest in the first few months of the year. During the slow times we are still attempting to be prepared for when it gets busy again and that busy time is upon us once again.

This is a very demanding industry that we are a part of. Everyone is constantly wanting something from us collectively and individually. The challenge that we each face is how we deal with these demands placed upon us. As a company, our goal is to service our customers at a level that meets or even exceeds their expectations. Individually, we have a lot of demands put upon us in relation to servicing our customers while trying to balance our work schedules with our personal lives. How we meet these challenges individually has a direct impact on how we view the world and often how the world views us. I want to challenge each and every one of us to remember that while we have many different roles, we are all on the same team, working for the same purpose. We must meet our challenges honorably, and in a professional manner. By doing so, we will create an atmosphere where when there are differences they can be settled without anyone feeling like they aren’t heard. Each of us are important to the success of this company and each of your contributions do not go unrecognized. Finding the right way to deal with all of the challenges of life will allow us to lead a much more complete and happy life.

Turning back to the company’s biggest challenge at hand, we are turning work away daily due to currently being under-staffed with professional CDL-A drivers. If you know someone that would fit into our Neier team of professional drivers, please have them contact Stephanie or Jimmy to explore their options with the company. If you have ideas that would further help make this a company where people want to work, I want to hear from you.

Thank you for all that you do to make this company successful!


As you already know, there have been some changes made in the dispatch offices. Jordan Hays joined us as an administrative position. Caleb Neier transitioned into the role of Customer Relations and Mike Parker returned to Neier and assumed Caleb’s previous position. Caleb now spends his time calling on current customers and maintaining positive relations while also bidding new business in our industry. In our constant efforts to make sure the drivers have the support staff they need, we posted ads and conducted interviews for the Night Shift Dispatch position. We are very pleased to announce that Scott Abplanalp will be moving into that position. Therefore, we opened up the Night Shuttle Driver Position and that position remains open for applications. Scott will also be assigned to training the new night shuttle driver to ensure positive customer relations remain. Please congratulate Jordan, Caleb, Mike, and Scott!

Customer Service & Sales

News Flash! If you did not know we are in a very competitive industry. How we win in this business combines numerous amounts of different aspects, but all of those aspects can typically be boiled down into one word…..service. We are a service based company and in order to provide customers with great service it takes each and every one of us. When visiting with customers we usually ask what are we doing well and how can we improve. Time and time again we hear that we provide an unmatched service. We have had a very large and anticipated surge of business over the past month this does not happen by mistake or by some chance. This happens because of the great dedication and pride each and every one of us take in our work to provide our customers with that service. --Sincerely, Caleb Neier

Industrial Cleaning

The Industrial Cleaning Department would like to welcome new employee, Robert Brooks, to the team!

Quote of the Month

"Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident." --Author Unknown

July Birthdays

Kasey Riggen - 7/5

Mike Crabtree - 7/14

Terry Dawson - 7/24

Safety & Compliance

DOT has released the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook. The Emergency Response Guidebook serves as a guide when responding to transportation emergencies involving hazardous materials. It is primarily relevant for rail and highway transportation, but is also applicable for materials transported by air and waterway. A new version of the ERG Book is released every 4 years. The 2016 version of the guidebook includes general revisions, expanded sections and added guide pages for absorbed gases. In addition to the guidebooks, the Pipeline of Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has developed free mobile apps of the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook, which also provides users with fast, easily accessible information to help in managing hazardous materials transportation incidents. Neier has placed an order for updated ERG books and they should be arriving any day! Stop by Kasey’s office for your new copy.

Now Hiring

As many of you know, Neier’s work load continues to grow and has recently spiked again! That being said, we are looking for more qualified drivers to join our team! In the past, our best form of advertisement has been via word of mouth. Therefore, we are challenging ALL employees to spread the word about our company! If a new driver hire puts YOUR NAME as a referral on their application you will receive a $500 BONUS after 30 days of satisfactory employment.


Neier is currently seeking a full-time Administrative Assistant at the Indianapolis terminal. Hours include 30-40 per week Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Pay is based on experience. Applicants will report directly to the Director of Human Resources.

Driver Trainer

We recently reworked the Driver Trainer Position. At this time, we envision the position being filled by several drivers, instead of one individual. If you are interested in being part of the training team, please call or see Stephanie Wilson.

Shuttle Driver

Neier is currently seeking a professional driver to fill our night shuttle position. This position is local work within Indianapolis and hours include Sunday morning through Friday morning, usually working 12 hour shifts through the night.

Class A Driver

Full & part time driving positions are available. Must be at least 23 years old. Must have a minimum of 2 years of verifiable experience. Tanker & hazmat endorsements are required.

Meet the Drivers

Tom Parsons

Tom is Neier’s most senior company driver and has been with the company for 27 years since the company was founded in 1989! Tom brings many great assets to our company with his extensive experience and expertise hauling tankers and hazmat. Tom is from Little Point, IN where he still resides now. His favorite music to listen to while on the road is 80’s Rock. Tom enjoys working on and racing drag cars in his down time. His favorite pet would be dogs and his favorite vacation destination is Hawaii. Tom enjoys working with good people at Neier and also commends Neier for their nice equipment and high pay.

Lynn Hutchings

Lynn is our newest driver who was hired in about a month ago. Lynn is from Paris, IL where she grew up around trucking with her mother and step-father both working in the transportation industry. Lynn’s top pick songs to listen to on the road include “Life is a Highway” Tom Cochrane , “I Can’t Drive 55” Sammy Hagar, and “On My Highway” Jason Aldean. In her spare time she enjoys riding her motorcycle and working on cars. Her favorite pet would be dogs, she dreams of visiting Italy one day, and she is most passionate about her daughter. Lynn came to Neier after she saw our trucks driving down the road. She has enjoyed her time working at Neier so far and looks forward to being trained to be more versatile in her job duties.

Meet Stephanie Wilson of the Support Staff

Stephanie has been working with Neier since September 2014 when she accepted a position as John Hays’ assistant. She has recently accepted the Director of Human Recourses position. Stephanie went to college at Herron School of Art for Visual Communications and then Dental Career Foundations for Dental Assisting/X-Ray tech. She previously worked at Roadmaster Drivers School where she held an Office Manager position. While working at Roadmaster, she found out about Neier via word of mouth and heard that they were hiring an administrative role. Stephanie is originally from Greenfield, IN. Her favorite pets are dogs or cats—but it depends on the cat. She dreams of visiting Madrid, Spain for vacation. If given the option for her favorite birthday dinner she would choose PF Changs, St. Elmos, or Bonges Tavern. When asked what single item she would want to have while stranded on a desert island she replied “Sunscreen, have you seen how pale I am?”. Her biggest role model is her father and she is most passionate about raising her daughter to be strong and independent but kind hearted. Her favorite quote is “Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life” by Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy. Stephanie’s favorite part about her job is driver interaction and her definition of teamwork is being able to accomplish a common goal and seeing positive results from it—seeing how each member has something different to add to the process, every team member brings different skill sets/values.

Company Fall Party on September 10th

We would like to remind all employees that our company fall party is coming up on September 10th. This is the 4th annual company party that has been hosted at the Quarry Lake Campground in Fillmore, IN. The campgrounds has proven to be a perfect place for Neier’s company parties where all employees are encouraged to bring their families and be prepared to enjoy a weekend full of camping, fishing, live music, games, food, prices, dancing and more! Check out the Quarry Lake Campground website at We will be announcing more information and asking for RSVP’s closer to the date.

We hope everyone enjoyed this first issue of the Trucker Network! Our goal is to keep every employee informed and up-to-date on Neier company news. If anyone has a suggestion or submission for an article please bring it to Stephanie Wilson.

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