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We constantly strive to meet your needs in the following service areas to become your dependable & trusted business partner.

Transportation & Hazmat Services —»

We are licensed throughout most of the United States as a hazmat carrier and have an excellent safety record with dedicated & skilled drivers. In addition to our Indianapolis corporate headquarters, we also operate out of Philadelphia, Atlanta, & Shreveport. We have a great reputation and work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs.

  • Hazmat Carrier
  • Hazardous Waste Carrier
  • Temperature Controlled Hazardous Waste Carrier
  • Spill Containment Van Trailers
  • Bulk Liquid Tankers
  • Vacuum Tankers
  • Roll-Off Boxes & Transportation
  • Dry Vans
Industrial Cleaning Services —»

Our Industrial Cleaning Division is dedicated to delivering the best quality on projects that meet your needs. We believe that we can do more than leave our customers with the perception of a job well done. We believe that we can quantify our success and that this quantity of quality will increase our market share in the industrial cleaning market. We intend to not only meet your expectations of a job well done, but to exceed them.

  • King Vac Wet & Dry Vacuum Services
  • Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Water Blasting 15K
  • Transportation Quotes
10-Day Hazardous Waste Transfer & Storage

Our 10-Day Hazardous Waste Transfer & Storage facility is located at our corporate headquarters in Indianapolis and is close to all major highways (Interstates 70, 74, 65, 69). We are licensed and fully trained to meet your needs.

Hydrovac Excavating

Hydrovac excavating, also known as “potholing” & “daylighting”, is used to safely uncover underground services without destroying critical property. We have an excellent safety record that meets all requirements and we get the job done on time without incident.

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