Hydrovac Excavating

Neier King Vac Hydrovac Excavating
Neier Most Powerful Hydro Vac Available
Neier Hydrovac Excavating of Utility Lines
Neier Repair After Hydrovac Excavation
Neier Repair After Hydrovac Excavation
Neier King Vac Hydro Vacuum Excavating
Neier King Vac Hydrovac Excavating
Neier Hydro Vac Uncoveers Sewer Line 18ft Deep
Neier King Vac Sand Handling Capabilities

Hydrovac Solutions

Hydrovac solutions are changing the way companies deal with the dangers of underground construction. Hydrovac excavation is increasingly being used for utility installations and maintenance projects, as are the terms “potholing” and “daylighting”.

A complex maze of services carrying petroleum products, electricity, water, wastewater, natural gas, & communications lie underground, often in to populated areas where safety is paramount. Incidents occur every day that leave utilities damaged, property destroyed, and sometimes lives lost.

The hydrovac excavation process safely exposes buried utility lines to daylight, hence the term “daylighting”. We use pressurized water to break up the soil cover. As the ground is precisely excavated without damage to buried utility lines, the powerful hydrovac vacuum simultaneously removes the debris and pulls it into a large capacity storage tank on one of our hydrovac trucks.

Our safety program meets the requirements of major oil & gas companies & large utilities. We are able to provide assurance to our customers that the work will be done on time and without incident.

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