Industrial Cleaning Services

Our objective is to deliver the best quality industrial cleaning and become your trusted business partner.

King Vac Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

We are experienced working with municipalities & private industries in challenging situations. Our powerful King Vacs are capable of loading hazmat materials, wet & dry products, & combustibles. This equipment is the ideal solution for accidental spills, emergency cleaning, & solving other difficult challenges.

Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

High pressure steam, hot water, or cold water is a very effective alternative to chemicals for cleaning difficult industrial substances. Our experienced and highly qualified technicians use specialized spray tips to maximize effectiveness and minimize cleaning time.

Water Blasting 15K

Our trained & certified technicians can solve some of the most demanding cleaning challenges with water pressures up to 15,000 psi. We have experience in multiple industries and applications using manufacturer trained & certified technicians.

Special Qualifications

  • Hazwhopper Trained & Certified
  • MSHA Certified
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