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Neier Hydro Vac Industrial Tank Cleaning Services
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Neier’s Industrial Cleaning Service Division offers customers two King Vac Wet Ring Vacuum truck options. These trucks can be used on a wide variety of projects and are designed to provide the safest approach to vacuuming flammable materials. The most specialized of these two units is our combination truck, which is equipped with a high-volume water jet, overhead loading boom, & full lifting debris tank used for offloading into elevated containers. For customer job scopes that do not require elevated dumping or water jetting, our Basic King Vac Truck may be the most appropriate option. However, if your job scope requires steam cleaning or high-pressure water blasting, our Industrial Cleaning Division can pair this equipment with the Basic King Vac Truck. Our team of highly experienced Field Superintendents and Supervisors can help determine which equipment is best for your scope of work.

  • King Vac Trucks are preferred for handling HAZMAT materials.
  • Specifically designed for handling flammable or combustible materials with the use of grounding and bonding by creating low-static build and reducing vapor emissions.
  • King Vac Trucks provide the capabilities of performing Wet or Dry vacuum functions.
  • King Vac Trucks are considered to be ultra-quite vacuum units which offer noise-controlled setup of less than 85 decibels making them an excellent choice for interior plant work and can minimize the need for hearing protection.
  • Hydraulic fully opening rear door.
  • Pressurized material discharge directly from the tank.
  • Provides horizontal vacuuming capabilities of over 1,000 feet.
  • Excellent option for Emergency Response to accident spills requiring emergency cleaning of roadways, waterways, and impacted soils.
  • On-site at customer locations, these trucks are capable of handling scheduled industrial tank cleanings, on-site spill response, transferring of materials from container to container, and many other projects.
  • Our Specialized King Vac Truck equipped with the Water Jet, can be utilized in conjunction with a 3-D nozzle to perform tank cleaning services, and occasionally eliminate the need for Confined Space Entry.
  • We perform work for private industry as well as municipalities.

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