Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

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Neier Hydro Vac Industrial Tank Sludge Removal
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Neier Industrial Steam Cleaning
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Neier’s Industrial Cleaning Service Division’s experienced and highly trained Supervisor and Technicians can provide customers with a safe and efficient solution for Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning services. Our crews are equipped with only industrial-rated Power Washing & Steam Cleaning equipment providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution to our customers.

  • Our technicians are trained in a variety of approaches which allows them to determine the safest and most efficient technique when utilizing our Power Washers or Steam Cleaning equipment.
  • Capable of providing hot or cold Power Washing services of up-to 3500 psi.
  • A wide variety of specialty wands and spray tips designed to minimize cleaning time and maximize effectiveness.
  • When applicable, low-volume tips can be utilized to reduce the amount of water applied therefore reducing disposal costs.
  • Steam Cleaning is an excellent option for cleaning grease, oil, and other material from a variety of surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning Services can be paired with our Vacuum Truck services to capture and remove material and wash water from the worksite.

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